Electro ERP

ERP Software for
Electronics Enterprises

Easy, Reliable, Powerful

ElectroERP brings meaning to ERP, with its powerful mobile and web interfaces, empowering all your stakeholders including customers and suppliers, in an intuitive format that is simply fun to use!

One-Stop ERP Solution

Sales & Billing

Process Orders till Dispatch, Billing, and Recovery

Leads (CRM)

Manage Appointments and Follow-ups with Prospects

Support Ticketing

Take Timely Action to ensure Customer Satisfaction

Customer Access

Empower Customers with configurable Login and Alerts

Materials Inventory

Ensure sufficient Stock of Raw Materials & Products

Purchase Planning

Plan for Orders, Production Jobs, and projected Sales

Supplier Access

Standardize interactions with all your Vendors

Financial Accounts

Monitor Money matters from your Mobile

Production Jobs

Track movement, rejection, and timely completion


Keep every asset in good shape, while monitoring costs

Project Mgmt

Manage Tasks, Materials, and Expenses for Projects

HRM & Payroll

Process Salary, Attendance, Leaves, and Exception Requests

Electronics & Peach

Peach is a software company with strong roots in electronics, spanning 30+ years. We started as an electronics manufacturer, and all our directors studied electronics in the US. While we have had experience in OEM, Products, and Industrial Machinery, we found our calling in offering creative IT solutions to empower the Indian electronics industry.

ElectroERP builds on these strong fundamentals, and covers the key needs of Electronics enterprises, including PCB, EMS, OEM, Products, Machinery, Trading, and Projects.

It gives special coverage to vital features for electronics, like BOM, Inward Quality, Rejection analysis, Purchase planning, R&D projects are vital for electronics enterprises, in addition to standard ERP features like Accounts, Store, Maintenance, etc., which it covers with our signature fun quotient and mobile power.

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